Equipment Financing

One Loan or Lease for All Your Business Equipment Financing Needs

The right equipment leasing or financing can make a huge difference for your business. It gives you access to state-of-the-art equipment for a price that’s comfortable for small business owners. At Quick Capital Funds, we have a variety of equipment financing options, including programs designed for startups. All you need is one loan or lease to completely change your company’s capabilities.

Take On Larger Jobs With the Best Equipment

Have you been holding back from bidding on larger jobs because your current equipment isn’t up to the task? Then it’s time to think about an upgrade. Contrary to what you may think, our equipment loans are simple to apply for, including for small businesses. In fact, we primarily work with small business owners. Our equipment financing offers favorable terms designed for every industry:

  • A variety of payment structures
  • Options for seasonal payments
  • Low interest rates
  • Fast approval
  • Middle-market and large-ticket financing
  • Simplified applications for many items
  • Little or no down payment

With high-quality heavy machinery, construction equipment, carpet cleaning equipment and many other types of equipment, your company stands out from competitors. Your personnel can accomplish more work in the same amount of time while still guaranteeing the best quality. No matter what kind of equipment your business can benefit from, our financing can help you obtain it.

Pick Out High-Tech Systems With Equipment Leasing

It’s not just construction companies, automotive businesses and manufacturers that need equipment; restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores do, too. This can include specific cooking equipment or ice-cream prep equipment, front-of-the-house equipment and payment systems. If you’ve been waiting to get a new point-of-sale terminal, now is the time. Our equipment leasing can help you finance these purchases without draining your savings account. Leasing allows for low monthly payments and the option to upgrade frequently.

For assistance choosing the best type of equipment financing and leasing for your specific goals, contact our friendly team immediately.