How to Flourish at Work and Feel More Motivated

Motivation helps inspire big thinkers, elite athletes, amazing artists, and great leaders and it is essential to flourishing professionally. While this is key to progress, feeling motivated can often feel like it is in short supply, especially at work. If you want to feel more motivated, achieve your goals, and flourish at work, here are a few game-changing tips to help you feel more motivated that you need to try.

Document Your Initial Intentions and Rationale

When you first set out to accomplish a task or a goal, you often have a clear reason; however, this can get lost along the way. Instead of letting yourself lose sight of your drive and idea, document why you want to accomplish this so that you can look back on this reasoning when your inspiration starts to dwindle.

Establish Your Strategy and Stay Flexible

If you want to be more motivated to accomplish your goals, you need a clear path to achieving them. Be clear and intentional by determining your strategy, and remain flexible so that you can adapt and change as the situation evolves.

Use Visualization to Bring it to Life

Being able to see your goals in your mind’s eye can help bring them to life. Give yourself the visualization of each step of progress, each milestone and your desired result to boost your focus and drive.

Break up Your Goals Into Achievable Steps

When you have a larger task or long-term goal, it can be difficult to know how to get there. What you need are smaller steps that are achievable and navigable. By breaking down these larger undertakings into smaller steps, you turn your insurmountable, intimidating projects and goals into something more manageable.

Learn to Ask for Help

When you are not feeling motivated, this is the moment that you need to look to others for support. Learning to ask for help can help shake things up and kick your motivation into high gear. A bit of support and help along the way can help you see your way onto your next steps.

Be Prepared for Setbacks

Your drive is very much like a gas tank, eventually, you will run out and will need to refuel. If you are feeling less than motivated these days, you may need time to recharge. Instead of trying to power through, come up with a proactive plan to address when your drive wanes. Give yourself the time and space you need to recharge so that you can come back stronger and ready.

Instead of suffering through slumps in your motivation, prepare yourself with these tips and see the amazing results that come with them.


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