Tips for Virtual Employee Engagement and Motivation

Today’s workforce has become more and more removed from companies. However, this separation has been challenging for both businesses and their employees, who have never experienced this type of work environment. For example, as companies move their workforces offsite, they may have difficulty connecting with their virtual staffs. These are a few creative ways to keep your remote staff engaged and motivated. These are a few tips to help you.

Build a Connected Culture

Your corporate culture can do a lot toward encouraging and motivating your remote workers. You need to build in ways to connect with your employees and ways for them to connect with each other. Encourage them to share their lives with you and their colleagues. Give them opportunities to build relationships with their coworkers. Encourage light-hearted conversations at the beginning of meetings or ask about their lives and plans. Don’t forget to celebrate their big events or milestones, and support them during challenging times.

Send Gifts

You may have sent care packages to relatives and friends, but have you considered sending them to your employees? Everyone loves getting something in the mail or via a delivery service. Create gifts that inspire them. However, don’t just send things that are work-related. Include some fun items in the package as well. Every time they receive a package, they will feel respected and cared for. These gifts tell them that you are thinking about them and care about how they are doing.

Be Appreciative

Your employees need to know that their work matters and that you appreciate it. When they go above and beyond or finish a major project, share your appreciation. Send a “thank you” or complement them on their work.

You can also recognize them by sending a notice to the entire company. A little appreciation or recognition doesn’t take long, but it has a major impact on your employees and their loyalty and engagement with your company.

Support Their Personal Projects

When your employees want to pursue a personal project that aligns with your corporate or team goals, support them. Their side projects may benefit your company significantly. For example, they could create something that gives you an edge over your competition or makes a process more efficient. Therefore, you may allow your employees to use a percentage of their work time to complete personal projects.

Your employees are the core of your business. They determine whether you succeed or fail. Find ways to encourage and motivate your remote staff, and you will gain loyal, innovative employees.


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